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Review of the Nikkor Nikon f1.8 50mm lens


So After using the Nikkor 50mm f1.8 nikon lens for my first portriat shoot I have to say its great, it didn't let me down at all, 

Because is is a 50mm you have to take into account the distance from the model if you taking a full body shot, but apart from that I would recomend this lens to anyone starting out in portriature

Easy of use- 10 out of 10

Weight - 10 out of 10

Cost 10 out of 10


In the Box,


Lens Hood

Lens Ends caps ( Both )

Lens Bag


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Nikon 50mm AF-S f/1.8 reveiw


Over the next few weeks I will be posting photographs taken with my Nikon D5300 and the new Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens, some of my first photographs are in the Northeast landmarks ablum, most are of the Transporter Bridge and Newport Bridge near Middlesbrough in the Northeast of England, more to follow as I take more photographs with the lens, Enjoy

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